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Nebraska Diamond is absolutely THE PLACE for engagement and wedding rings! Our selection includes every style imaginable, from fabulous to incredible. Our passion for customer service is legendary. Our reputation for extraordinary quality and value is unmatched.

Nebraska Diamond has established a national and international reputation as “The Engagement & Wedding Ring Superstore.” We have tens of thousands of loyal customers from all 50 States and 6 Continents. We completely dominate the Lincoln engagement and wedding ring market.

Nebraska Diamond is one of the most respected jewelry companies in the industry. Our customer service and value delivery programs are considered so progressive, innovative, and consumer friendly that we have been consulted by some of the largest jewelry companies nationwide to assist them in improving their own training and operational systems.

Nebraska Diamond is an Executive Member of the Diamond Council of America, the industry’s leading source of Diamontology education. Nebraska Diamond is also a member of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee, the industry’s recognized Guardian of Ethics and Integrity.

Nebraska Diamond is totally committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Customers LOVE Nebraska Diamond because we make choosing the perfect ring easy, comfortable and fun. Come and see us. We’ll show you why Nebraska Diamond is absolutely THE PLACE for engagement and wedding rings!

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