Our Staff


The Certified Diamontologists at Nebraska Diamond are excited to help you create your one-of-a-kind ring! 

Read below to see what each of us loves the most about Nebraska Diamond and why we are passionate about providing our customers with an exceptional experience! 


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"I am extremely passionate about Nebraska Diamond. The way we do things here is unlike anywhere else!  We strive to give our customers an experience to remember, unbeatable values and a staff of Certified Diamontologists who take great customer service seriously. I love that we operate with integrity and provide an atmosphere where our customers can make an educated decision. My favorite part is when a customer gets excited because they've found that perfect ring style and diamond. It's always thrilling to see the new ring styles and diamonds that arrive daily - we really do have more rings than all the other area jewelry stores combined! I love that we are so different from everywhere else and I take great pride in the way we take care of our customers."

-Lindsey Tavlin
Chief Operations Officer & Certified Diamontologist


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"I love that at Nebraska Diamond we take the time to educate all of our customers on how to properly grade diamonds and provide them with an environment to accurately do so. We take pride in helping our customers verify with their own eyes the unique characteristics of their diamond that help to determine its value and beauty. Not only do we providour customers with an absolutely unmatched selection of rings and diamonds to choose from, we also give them the confidence to make educated decisions that will last them a lifetime. No other store takes such care to empower their customers and to be as transparent as we do. I'm so proud of the high standards we uphold and the integrity with which we do business."

-Natalie Tavlin
Sales Executive & Certified Diamontologist


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"I enjoy the experience we provide. Our customers get to view thousands of beautiful styles and hand-select their diamond, finding just the right one. This purchase is for life and I take that very seriously. I enjoy taking my time with my customers in the selection process because that's what they deserve when making such an important choice. At Nebraska Diamond we want our customers to select the ring and diamond most beautiful to them and we provide them with the perfect environment. After all, our customers are going to be looking at their diamond every day and I want to make sure they love it!"

-Cheryl Kozisek
Buyer and Certified Diamontologist



"From the moment you step into our store my goal is to help you with as much care as I would want when searching for something special for my own wife. With the patience and experience of 15 years at Nebraska Diamond, I will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Combining our personal touch with your individual tastes is one of my favorite things about working at Nebraska Diamond."

-Seth Lieske
Sales Executive & Certified Diamontologist


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"Nebraska Diamond is a one of kind place and the process, people and relationships are truly unique. I enjoy helping our customers in a one on one setting where I am able to evaluate their needs, and not just sell them something out of convenience because it is in a case. It's so fun helping them find the right ring style and educating them so they can select a diamond that meets their specific needs. I love being there when they find the ring of their dreams! I have formed lasting bonds with many of my customers and enjoy seeing them when they visit the store."

-Tiffany McMahan
Sales Executive & Certified Diamontologist


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"I love working at Nebraska Diamond for so many reasons! I know that I will always be able to find exactly what my customer is looking for, whether that be a classic solitaire engagement ring, a whimsical wedding band or a loose diamond. I love that we respect our customers' budgets and that we make their experience easy and fun. Our unique environment gives our customers confidence that they are seeing everything necessary to make a well educated decision. I love working at Nebraska Diamond!"

-Amy Keuter
Sales Executive & Certified Diamontologist


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"At Nebraska Diamond I give a one of a kind, personalized experience to each customer I have the pleasure of working with. From the perfect in-stock item to custom creating something completely unique, I get so much joy knowing I am providing our customers with something that they will treasure for years to come. I love using my skills and knowledge to help our customers from start to finish as they express their love through our jewelry. I am truly grateful to be a part of this wonderful group of talented, passionate individuals."

-Andria Hall
Sales Executive & Certified Diamontologist