Our Diamonds -About Our Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, Nebraska Diamond offers EVERYTHING! We regularly stock thousands of loose diamonds, both traditionally mined and lab grown, in all popular shapes, sizes and qualities to fit every budget. 
Our standards for optical beauty are stringent. In any given diamond quality, only about 1 out of every 100 examples is beautiful enough to meet our standards for brilliance, fire and sparkle.  Our diamond inventory is truly a collection of diamond masterpieces painstakingly acquired, one by one, over several decades of uncompromising and meticulous search.
Nebraska Diamond shows you diamonds under the exact same laboratory examination conditions used by our own Diamond Buyer. We provide you with the level of diamond education necessary for you to accurately evaluate what you are purchasing with no surprises later. 
Our performance record speaks for itself: Our dedication to quality, consumer education and customer satisfaction have made Nebraska Diamond the #1 diamond source for tens of thousands of loyal customers from all 50 States and 6 Continents.  

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